Moisture Tube

Installing the moisture tube

A tight fit of the moisture tube is essential to optimise the benefit of the system. To ensure a tight fit, apply waxed hemp to the threaded part of the stock connector then insert it firmly into the bottom of the blowpipe stock with the flexi-tube still attached.  Do not separate the stock connector from the flexi-tube during installation.  When placing the moisture tube in the bag ensure the cartridge holes are facing upwards. 

Additional information:


The cartridge section is comprised of two parts – the cartridge itself and the cartridge connector. Push the cartridge onto the cartridge connector. These parts should be kept intact unless you wish to remove the cloth to dry or replace. To remove the cartridge section, hold the cartridge and gently twist apart from the connector.


The supplied cloth should be placed in the cartridge.  An easy way to dry the system after playing is to simply remove the cartridge and cloth then leave to air dry or alternatively place on a radiator/heat source .


All parts should be removed periodically for cleaning.