Canmore® Pipe Bags are delighted to have the following top players provide these testimonials.


I recently received your New Canmore Pipe Bag and find it extremely comfortable and with the moisture control system supplied I have not encountered wet reeds.

I play at a number of outdoor functions on a regular basis and in the past experienced wet drone reeds however now this appears to have been resolved with your product and I will have no hesitation in recommending it to pipers and pipe bands I visit at home and abroad.

Dixie Ingram

I recently fitted the Canmore Hybrid bag onto my pipes and I have found it without doubt to be the most comfortable bag that I have played to date. I am also delighted to say that I can get the pipes going, play selections of light music and a couple of piobaireachd and have found that the bag and reeds stay completely dry – without any water trapping devices at all. I have never experienced this with a synthetic bag before. It is an exceptional product

Colin MacLellan

I am very impressed with the new Canmore Hybrid Pipe Bag.  The new shape and size has improved the way my pipes sit and make them more comfortable to play.  Having played it now for several months in many different climate conditions worldwide, I am delighted to say that this really is an excellent product which gives me great confidence and control.

Robert Watt

I started using the extended small hide/zip bag after the California COP School and have found it to be extremely comfortable and entirely airtight. I was reasonably happy with the bag I was using with my band, Wicked Tinkers, but was immediately pleased with the change upon installing the Canmore bag, the fit is excellent and my forearm is completely off the bag.  The Canmore is four times more air tight, based on testing with the chanter corked and the drones shut off through fully inflating the bag.  I also was experiencing some discomfort with the placement of the zipper on the previous bag but I am having no issues with coming in contact with the zipper while playing now.

I can and will heartily recommend the Canmore pipe bag!

Aaron Shaw


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