Important information:

We believe our bags to be the most breathable on the market as all our bags are made from highly breathable GORE-TEX® fabric, which is supplied exclusively to CANMORE® Pipe Bags.

There are much less moisture issues with our bags and therefore they are less prone to the formation of harmful entities such as mould, spores and bacteria than traditional or less breathable bags.

We always recommend that you maintain your bag and pipes. Our recommendation is that you wash the inside of the bag using a solution called Milton, this is normally used to sterilise baby bottles etc. The bag can be rinsed in the solution at about 60°C then flushed out with clean cold water and left to dry.

Please note that if you wish to use a moisture control system with our products, we do not recommend using colour indicator gels. These indicators are acids and alkalis and when they come into contact with moisture can become reactive and potentially attack the seam-tape adhesive inside the bag.

The use of these gels would void the 2 year warranty.